Tuesday, 8 October 2019


  • Attack on the Independent Care Inquiry
  • Attack on brave Police S.I.O. who led abuse investigation
  • Attack on former Politicians who did the right thing
  • Excuses for a State in the 21st Century still having no separation of powers
  • A complete denial of reality...
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Bailiff Sir William Bailhache - A man who clearly doesn't understand irony?


Any UK based readers who think that we have dire political/constitutional problems here with arrogant public school bully boy Boris Johnson shamelessly playing fast and loose with the law and his own High Office really ought to spare a few minutes to watch the following, truly shocking video at the end of this blog post.

This features the Bailiff of the British Crown Dependency of Jersey - a wholly unelected public school throwback to the 17th Century who even makes Jacob Rees-Mogg look caring and contemporary - allowed by the UK's studied collusion to sit as both Chief Judge of the Tax Haven's Judiciary and  President & Speaker of the legislature. 

Just as Bailiffs have done for over 800 long years!

Indeed, as viewers will hear with the raucous stamping of feet  - rather like that of recently shod sheep - greeting the Bailiff's inane, bitter and deeply offensive utterings of denial about the existence of the infamous 'Jersey Way' so inherently linked to his Office things really do seem stuck in a time warp in Jersey.

Certainly this indicates to me that it really must be sadly acknowledged that the aforesaid shocking 'Jersey Way' of burying things 'bad for the Island's image' rather than dealing with them a handful of politicians (I was very proud to be one of them) alongside bloggers and other anti-abuse campaigners fought so hard to change in support of brave Senior Police Officers Graham Power and Lenny Harper has now slipped back to pre-2008 levels.

For what else can one conclude when a member of the Jersey public feels the need to email me describing her disgust at the Chairman of the Privileges & Procedures Committee - in the lady's words 'sucking up to the Bailiff rather than holding him to account' for abusing a mechanism usually only used for advising States Members of house-keeping matters such as altered meeting dates etc and instead making it a platform for an embittered tirade on his last day in Office ?

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A 'disaffected' Police Officer to Bailhache - A hero to victims of 'The Jersey Way'

What can you conclude when you hear this sorry excuse for a Crown Officer insult the former S.I.O. Lenny Harper who strove to uncover what Jersey's Bailiffs and senior politicians had turned a blind to for decades as apparently being just a 'disaffected' police officer?

Or when the tiny handul of current States Members who were disgusted and wanted to ask Bailhache questions were denied this?


After all, picking up a salary twice, let us not forget, that of Prime Minister Johnson's Bailiff Sir William Bailhache sits atop a jurisdiction not just still without any real Separation of Powers!  But...

  • Still without any holding to account by UK Monarch and/or government. 
  • Still without any acceptance of their own appalling failings. 
  • Still without any aceptance of the need to change. 
  • Still without any evident understanding of just how terribly all of this - and this latest display of arrogance in particular - simply must negatively impact upon the victims.

The role is of course defiantly claimed by local Establishment apologists desperate to retain the status quo to help maintain their own power as being wholly 'a-political'. To this all I would advise new readers/viewers is watch the video above for yourself and make up your own mind. As to what set Bailiff Bailhache off on his latest revisionary rant...

Image result for Jersey care inquiry panel
Hundreds of thousands of pages of documented evidence

The tinder for this was the second report and recommendations of the £24 million Independent Care Inquiry panel brought over to investigate many decades of appalling judicial, governmental and senior Civil Service failings and downright betrayal of countless children in the 'care' of the States over a period stretching right back to the immediate post-war years.

Hundreds of thousands of statements and other documents were amassed and assessed by the Independent Care Inquiry over a period of years. All of this within a Terms of Reference framework admittdely wholly lacking in the teeth to ultimately hold people in power legally to account. 

Nevertheless, everyone involved appears to at least accept the existence of what has become notoriously, globally known as 'The Jersey Way' as being central to this. Except the likes of those who really need to take it on board the most: Bailhache, his equally arrogant predecessors and the foot-stomping embarrassments we hear on the video. 

How damningly ironic a thought to end on then but to point out that the very Bailiff who refuses to acknowledge the existence of 'The Jersey Way' has just demeonstrated it in personification:

'The Jersey Way' made flesh...

Thursday, 3 October 2019


  • Pro-Austerity
  • Anti-Environment
  • Pro-Increasing Tution fees
  • Anti-Sick & Disabled benefits
  • Pro-Zero Hour contracts
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Her voting record, Corbyn - The difference between truth & her claims is at least this big!

As someone who has always supported the call for a more even gender mix in politics - both local and international - I was pleased to see the Liberal-Democrats choosing a woman for their new leader. OK, I already guessed that Jo Swinson had nothing like the ability of a Vince Cable or a Paddy Ashdown but still...

You see, personally I would like to see the Labour Party have a female Deputy Leader -  two Deputy Leaders in fact being groomed under Jeremy Corbyn as an eventual successor. One man, one woman - so long as neither was called Tom Watson to my mind that would be ideal.

Yet I digress somewhat. I could never, ever vote for the Lib-Dems I need to make quite clear - even if faced with a so-called 'wasted vote'. Not after the way the poodle Clegg and his cohorts of flip-floppers happily became the enablers for David Cameron and the Tories Class War with the evil roll out of austerity targeting the weak and defenceless whilst giving tax breaks to their wealthy big business chums.

Nevertheless quickly growing heartliy sick of Swinson's screaching, aggressive posturing over the past few weeks; not to mention her clear adddiction to negative personality politics with the incessant, childish attacks on Jeremy Corbyn I have to confess that I was still shocked by the appalling truth revealed in Swinson's voting record once I looked in to it.

Image result for i'll scream and scream and scweam
'I'll sc-weam and sc-weam and sc-weam until I get my way!'

My impression has been that Jo Swinson would like the public to somehow believe that she is some kind of caring, 'new kid on the political block' since winning the Lib-Dem leadership against an admittedly lackluster opponent. When you consider just the few facts that I have set out below however I would posit that you can probably see why: 

This isn't a caring, principled, capable Laura Pidcock or Caroline Lucas who somehow stumbled in to the wrong party - this is an uncaring Kindergarten Thatcher. And just a cursory look at the way she voted in brown-nosing to the Tory-led coalition spells out why her Lib 'Con' Dem promises should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Only last week if you happened to reside in the West Country as I do currently you would have realised just what blatant liars the Lib 'Con' Dems are by the latest propaganda newsletter pushed through your door. According to this, under another big mugshot of our political Violet Elizabeth Bott, the Lib-Dems are now apparently "winning all over the country!"


Image result for chuka umunna
'Changed again' Chuka - Soon to be chucked out of Westminster?'

Then you have Mr Pro-Tory-Austerity-Made-Flesh Chuka '3 Parties' Umunna claiming the Lib-Dems may well win 200 seats. Just where do these political odd-bods get this guff? Will they really say absolutely anything to try and con (dem) a vote?

The real Jo Swinson...

Image result for jo swinson funny photos

Laughing at the gullible? Just look at Swinson's votes

Far from having any great plan to re-build and regenerate Britain this is how our Kindergarten Thatcher really votes given a sniff of power. And remember this, as Gary Lineker would say, is 'only the highlights'. Will Swinson really look after the sick, the poor, the hard-grafting low earners, the young, the environment? I appreciate that some, even all of this will not be news to all. But if, like me, you somehow missed it until something niggled you to look at sites such as They Work For You et all... Make up your own mind.


Between 2012-14 as far as I can see from her masses of pro-Tory votes Swinson happily voted with Cameron's gang in support of the horribly unfair 'Bedroom' tax. Meanwhile, a quick glance at Tory Nose-Picker Iain Duncan Smith's favourite subject, cutting welfare payments for the ill and disabled, shows 'caring' Jo Swinson regularly voted for this too (2012-15). 

Back in 2011 - unless I really am mixing her up with another person (Just William's Violet Elizabeth Bott again, perhaps?) - Swinson also voted to undermine funding for over-stretched local councils. Councils now having to cut even basic essential local services like fire stations/engines. This is happening right where I live.

Young People/Education:

In 2010 our Kindergarten Thatcher voted in favour of raising tution fees for students to £9000! Compare that to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour plans to ensure all young people get the chance to shine! Jo Swinson also voted to scrap the so-called Education Maintenance Allowance for young people aged 16-19 in Further Education. You can still apply in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales as I understand it. But England - gone! Well done caring Jo!

Image result for crying cartoon students
Never mind kids - Auntie Jo will look after your future! (Not)

Climate Change & the Environment:

Back in 2012 Swinson voted against forcing the so-called UK Green Investment Bank  having to support a target for reducing carbon emissions. Similarly, a year later she again voted against introducing a cap on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Kindergarten Thatcher even voted against introducing emission standards on current fossil fuel power stations. Finally - and I am sure there is a whole lot more had I only the time to dig some more - new Lib 'Con' Dem leader Jo Swinson voted against (again and again) imposing much needed regulation on Fracking!

Image result for Fracking hell
The evidence against Hydraulic Fracturing is daming. But Jo Swinson doesn't give a Frack!

When you further consider that Swinson has also talked up the proliferation of the Zero Hour contracts currently making so many hard-working lives a misery of uncertainty; and is in favour of reducing Corporation Tax that the new Lib-Dem leader really is just another grubby little Tory wolf in sheep's clothing is surely impossible to ignore. Indeed, suddenly all the otherwise inexplicable, mealy-mouthed attacks on Jeremy Corbyn makes complete sense.

If she was half the leader that she pretends to be Jo Swinson would be putting the good of the country first right now. In essence standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the other opposition parties at Westminister to save the UK from crashing out of Europe with a 'no deal' Brexit. This by installing Corbyn has a time-limited 'caretaker' Prime Minister  prior to a General Election. 

Instead Swinson has, of course, been pontificating that the Leader of the Opposition 'doesn't have the numbers'. Well, it's 11.59 on the Brexit clock in case our Kindergarten Thatcher hasn't noticed. 

So isn't it about time that any Lib-Dem member who genuinely cares about the country's future popped a bit of sticky tape of the ever-open 'Bott' gob for a moment and pointed out that Corbyn - and HOPE - just might - have the numbers if only she and her own little motley crew of  just 17 stopped playing politics and thought about where a 'No deal' Brexit will take us?

Sadly, somehow I think that Jo Swinson's voting record tells us that she will instead just 'Sc-weam! And Sc-weam! And Sc-weam!' until it is all too late and a generation, maybe two, are condemned to an even lower standard of living that really could have been avoided.

No wonder Swinson was so keen to have that statue of Thatcher built...

Image result for margaret thatcher spitting image

But Keep the Faith - If Jo gets her way I think we are likely going to need it! 


Attack on the Independent Care Inquiry Attack on brave Police S.I.O. who led abuse investigation Attack on former Politicians who did th...